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Bazm-e-Quran Arabic Madarasa

It is manned by a male and a female Arabic Teacher. Here Quran, Hadith and Deeniyat are taught to children, general public and all the students joining the various courses in Bazm-e-Quran, for whom Quran and Deeniyat is compulsory. Separate classes are conducted for males and females. More importantly, housewives, working men and women are equally benefitted from this service in the Arabic Madarasa.

For students of Computer, Tailoring and other courses, Quran and Deeniyat classes and examinations in Deeniyat are compulsory. Attendance is recorded for all the students for Quran and Deeniyat classes. Thus, Quran, Deeniyat, Namaz and vocational training go hand in hand in Bazm-e-Quran. Bazm-e-Quran awards prizes to meritorious students for their excellence in Deeniyat examinations.

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