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Bazm-e-Quran Tailoring Institute

The training courses in tailoring and hand embroidery are at present open exclusively to ladies. The Institute has 13 sewing machines and ladies are enrolled for four batches and the period of training stretches over 6 months. At the end of the training, theory and practical examinations are held and Diplomas in Tailoring are awarded to successful students.

Bazm-e-Quran Tailoring Institute has bee helping the needy, poor and deserving ladies in their job pursuits and in making them earn their livelihood by training them in tailoring, dress making and hand embroidery.

As a step further in this direction, Bazm-e-Quran plans to present sewing machines to poor, needy and deserving ladies on successful completion of their training in Bazm-e-Quran Tailoring Institute.

It is looking forward to help and support from donors, friends, well-wishers and philanthropists in fulfilling this ambition and in rendering this beneficial service to deserving ladies.

Bazm-e-Quran is also exploring the avenues and prospective employers who could provide jobs and thus make these poor and deserving ladies bread-earners.Bazm-e-Quran craves for the help and support of various agencies and people in this behalf. There is yet another scheme on the anvil is to encourage Self Help Groups(SHGs) of women trained in tailoring and embroidery . Interested persons and parties are invited to co-operate and co-ordinate with and advise Bazm-e-Quran to make this scheme a success.

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