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History of Bazm-e-Quran - Beginning & Growth

A devout and dedicated Islamic scholar by name, Moulvi Syed Abdus Subhan Azeemi Sahib, started a small Arabic madrasa more than five decades ago to teach Quran, Hadith and Deeniyat to children of the locality. It was then housed in a small place and was catering to the then people’s need.

Till his death in October 1983 this simple and humble teacher and founder of Bazm-e-Quran meticulously and assiduously worked for it. Anecdotes of his door-to-door canvassing, hard work and zealous pursuits are immortalized in the annals of Bazm-e-Quran.

After him the mantle of administration fell on other shoulders. The work started by Moulvi Azeemi Sahib continued with much greater vigour by people issuing forth from the community and thenceforth Bazm-e-Quran was destined to prosper at their hands.

In a meeting of Bazm-e-Quran held on 19 September 1972 Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed in his presidential address explained quite passionately to the members in detail, "the position of Bazm-e-Quran during the last 24 years and appealed to the members that the Society should now be revived and put on a sound progressive basis so as to achieve some good results."

True to his words, Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed became the chief architect of Bazm-e-Quran and under him ensued the rejuvenation and reconstruction of the organization which had during that time relapsed into a passive phase. His forceful initiation ignited the spirit of others. Under him and later under his illustrious wife, Janaba Fathima Akhter Sahiba, Bazm-e-Quran found a new dispensation. To the clarion call and thunderous appeal of Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed many doyens of the community rallied around him and extended their supporting hands to his noble mission of developing the organization and serving the community.

So to say, in 1972 the activities of Bazm-e-Quran were reorganized, a hectic membership campaign was launched, revised Rules and Regulations were drafted and adopted and massive efforts unfolded to transform Bazm-e-Quran into a centre of Quranic teachings and a progressive educational body.

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